Snipe Custom Arms® is happy to announce our new partnership with Grace Elk Outfitters, LLC, and sponsorship support from Vortex Optics® (Sheltered Wings, Inc.), for the 2017 Long Range Course season.

This year we are offering two different courses, the LRC1, which is an introductory course to long range shooting/hunting, and the LRC2, which is an advanced course to long range shooting/hunting.

Both courses are held at the same beautiful location in Eastern Kentucky, where the largest elk herds roam east of the Mississippi River.

Both courses will be instructed by Christian Schoedlbauer, the man behind Snipe Custom Arms®. Christian is a former German Special Forces (KSK) member, where he served in the 5th Platoon as the primary sniper. His combat experience in the mountains of Afghanistan, as well as other EU/UN affairs, make him the perfect teacher for your long range shooting interest. Christian authored the book Down Range - A Sniper's Guide to Hitting your Target, which will be referenced during both LR courses.

Christians co-instructor will be Gary Grant, the man behind Grace Elk Outfitters, LLC. Gary is a long time hunter, with over 30 years of perusing large game, and 10-plus years as a lisenced hunting guide for Eastern Kentucky elk. His shooting skills are well above average, and we would have never accepted this partnership if we thought otherwise.

Please select the course in which you are interested: