Our LRC2 course emphasizes on understanding of wind, bullet spin drift, Coriolis effect, range estimation, load development, terminal ballistics, alternative/unconventional shooting positions, and developing a DOPE card for your rifle system/ammunition out to 1200 yards.

We HIGHLY recommend that you take our LRC1 class, prior to booking our LRC2.

A solid foundation in understanding the precision rifle fundamentals, as well as solid grasp on angular measurements are of utmost importance for this course!

Also, each student who has completed our LRC1, will receive a 10% discount on our LRC2!

You will receive a check of $169.50 (or $159.50 if camping) at the beginning of the class.

The course is a two-day course (first day classroom, second day long range) and the cost is $1,695 per student.

What’s included? Lodging in a bunk house (individual cabins are available for an extra $100 per cabin), lunch bag for Saturday and Sunday, hot home-cooked dinner on Saturday, continental breakfast on Sunday morning, and drinking water throughout the weekend. No alcohol is allowed at camp or at the range!

Airport pickup at Lexington, KY Bluegrass Airport, and Tri-Cities Regional Airport in Blountville, TN is also available for a fee of $150 per student. If you elect to rent a vehicle at the airport, it must be a 4-wheel drive SUV/truck!

Campsites for RV and tent camping are available, in which case food accommodations will not be available. The cost for this option would be only $1,595 per student.

Each student will receive a reference book called Down Range – A Sniper’s Guide to Hitting your Target, which is authored by the instructor Christian Schoedlbauer and will be referenced during both the classroom and range sessions.

Need a rifle? We’ve got you covered with custom rifles available for rent. We have a limited number of rifles available, and we will rent them out for $150 per rifle on a first come first serve basis. Ammunition for each of our rifles is also available to purchase. Note: Customer supplied ammo cannot be used in our rental rifles! Please contact us directly if you would like to rent a rifle system and purchase ammunition.

Requirements to participate in our shooting class:

□   You must be at least 18 years of age (anyone under 18 must be under parental supervision)
□   You must be in good mental and physical condition
□   You must not be under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or illegal substances
□   You must be allowed by federal law to possess and handle firearms
□   You must be a sufficient rifleman at 100 yards


Things you need to bring to the classroom (day one):

□   Government issued photo ID (driver’s license preferred)
□   Data book or plot sheets (We highly recommend the purchase of a data book, like Impact Data Books. Free plot sheets are available upon request)
□   Unloaded rifle (ammunition is not allowed in the classroom)
□   Calculator
□   Ballistic calculator (Free Android and iPhone apps are available in your app store if you want/need to use your cell phone. We recommend the app "Shooter", "Ballistic AE", and “Applied Ballistics”)
□   Notepad
□   Pen or pencil
□   Snacks and drinks (nonalcoholic, of course, water will be available free of charge)


Things you need to bring to the range (day two):

□   Government issued photo ID (driver’s license preferred)
□   Data book or plot sheets (We highly recommend the purchase of a data book, like Impact Data Books. Free plot sheets are available upon request)
□   Scoped rifle (scope with at least 10x magnification and scope level)
□   Spotting scope (if available)
□   Appropriate paperwork such as tax stamp, trust, etc. if you are using a sound suppressor.
□   Approximately 140 rounds of ammunition (same bullet and powder grain if possible)
□   Calculator
□   Ballistic calculator (Free Android and iPhone apps are available in your app store if you want/need to use your cell phone. We recommend the app "Shooter", "Ballistic AE", and “Applied Ballistics”)
□   Notepad
□   Pen or pencil
□   Snacks and drinks (nonalcoholic, of course, lunch and water will be provided)
□   Front rest or bi-pod
□   Sand sock (rear rest)
□   Eye protection (clear lenses recommended)
□   Ear protection (Quality electronic earmuffs recommended, like Howard Leight Impact Sport, Walker’s Razor, or MSA Sordin. Electronic earmuffs are also available to rent for a $10 fee per earmuff)
□   Shooting mat (highly recommended but not required)
□   Down Range – A Sniper’s Guide to Hitting your Target
□   Weather appropriate clothing*

* The range day will be held in any weather condition, with the exception of lightning.  In the case of lightning the class will be stopped and each student will need to seek shelter in their vehicle.  If it should not stop lightning, the class will be dismissed and each student may reschedule for a different class weekend. A refund of the class fee is not possible due to an act of nature beyond our control. If you are unable to reschedule, and you are concerned that refunds are not issued, we highly encourage you to consider travel insurance.

Class Agenda

Each day will start and end with a short prayer to keep us safe and accident free!

Day ONE - Classroom (approximately 4-6 hours, depending on students’ abilities):

□   Welcome – A short welcome and introduction of the instructors
□   Safety briefing – Can’t do it without it
□   Signing of waivers – Just a little attorney protection
□   Weapon system evaluation – Let’s see what you’ve got
□   Understanding your rifle system – There are many like it, but this one is yours
□   Written test (multiple choice, to test the already existing knowledge of our students)
□   MOA vs MRAD – Short overview of angular measurements
□   Reading the wind – Using nature and modern technology
□   Terminal ballistics – Understanding your target and its skeletal structure for making the kill shot
□   Load developing – How to find the perfect load
□   Coriolis effect – No target is stationary
□   Spin drift – It’s not magic
□   Bullet flight affecters - Explaining and understanding how nature will cause you to miss
□   Barrel and chamber – Let’s talk about things like bullet alignment to bore axis, twist rates/bullet stabilization, and heat management. It’ll be interesting, we promise.
□   Data book – How to fill it out, and why it is of paramount importance to keep one.
□   Rifle/scope set-up – Confirming the rifle/scope fits the student, and making necessary adjustments if needed
□   Fundamentals – Short overview of the fundamentals of precision rifle shooting, like breathing, natural point of aim, trigger control, follow through, etc.
□   Ballistic calculator – How to use and adjust it. PART 1

Day TWO - Range (approximately 8-10 hours, depending on students’ abilities and daylight):

□   Safety briefing – Can’t do it without it
□   Group photo – A digital memory lasts forever
□   Scope zeroing – Confirming your weapon system is indeed zeroed (prone position)
□   Let’s shoot – Alternative/unconventional shooting positions
□   Ballistic Calculator – How to use and adjust it. PART 2
□   Spotting – How to see the bullet fly
□   Applying your newfound knowledge (from day one) in an approximately 140-round shooting session out to 1200 yards!

The class is limited to 10 students per session. Students will pair up into spotter/shooter teams of two, taking turns spotting and shooting at the range.  Should fewer than four students sign up for a particular month/class, the class will be postponed until a minimum number of four students is reached.

We also offer individual, one-on-one classes.  The student can book this class anytime throughout the year. This class is $1,995, or $2,995 for two students.  The class will be a one day class and held at the range, under an outdoor shelter.  No lodging or food is included! Contact us for more information and scheduling.  

Students must ensure their equipment can shoot long range. You will need an accurate (sub-MOA – groupings of one inch at 100 yards) scoped rifle (no iron sights in this class) and match grade ammunition (hand loads or match factory, approximately 140 rounds). Almost any center fire caliber can be used with a bullet weight of at least 95 grains (.243 Winchester).  If you are unsure about your caliber, please contact the instructor, Christian Schoedlbauer, at christian@snipearms.com.

To shoot at 1200 yards, students’ scopes MUST have target turrets (finger adjustable elevation and windage) or ballistic compensating reticles with both drop and wind compensations. A regular duplex reticle is NOT sufficient for this kind of shooting. Depending on caliber and internal scope adjustments, a 20-minute (MOA) scope mounting base is recommended to ensure enough elevation adjustment to compensate for bullet drop out to 1200 yards. If a student’s rifle cannot accommodate enough elevation adjustment out to 1200 yards, we'll take him or her as far as we can with the student’s equipment.  A scope level is of paramount importance when shooting at long ranges!

A booked class may only be canceled by the student a minimum of two weeks before the class is scheduled. In this case, the course fee cannot be refunded, but will be applied to a future class. If the student cancels within two weeks of the scheduled class, Grace Elk Outfitters, LLC will retain 25% of the particular class fee to cover expenses.  Grace Elk Outfitters, LLC reserves the right to cancel the class for three reasons, death of family member, severe illness, or act of nature beyond our control. In this case, the student has the option to apply their payment to another class, or request a refund, in full, from Grace Elk Outfitters, LLC.

To "Sign Up" you will be directed to Grace Elk Outfitters website.