Bolt Knob Conversion/Threading 5/16x24 - Remington, Howa, Savage, Winchester, Weatherby

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Bolt Knob Conversion/Threading 5/16x24 - Remington, Howa, Savage, Winchester, Weatherby

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Upgrade your factory bolt knob for better AND faster bolt manipulation, not to mention awesome looks!

Due to the cast iron manufacturing process, some Remington and Savage bolt handles tend to have air bubbles trapped inside. Just threading the handle and screwing on a larger bolt knob can, and will, weaken the structural integrity. To prevent this, we highly recommend that you select our Heavy Duty (HD) offering in the drop-down menu below.  With our HD conversion, we install a 10/32 hardened alloy machine screw into the bolt handle. To do so we indicate the bolt via a special fixture in our lathe, remove the original bolt knob, thread the bolt handle to 5/16 x 24, drill out and thread the inside of the bolt handle, insert a hardened 10/32 alloy machine screw and face off the handle for a nice and smooth end product.

Winchester Model 70, Howa & Weatherby rifles use forged bolt handles.  Therefore, the HD conversion is not needed, or offered.

Don’t forget to pick one of our awesome bolt knobs, which we will install at no extra charge when purchased together with this bolt knob conversion/threading service!

Your new bolt knob will be secured to your bolt handle using epoxy. This will prevent your bolt knob from loosening from the bolt handle during bolt manipulation.

Click the following link to pick one of our custom bolt knobs.


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